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Source : Centre breton d'Art populaire 

Paul Le Gall has given diatonic accordion lessons in the Centre breton d'Art populaire since 1993.
Immersed in traditional music since 1965 in the Cercle Celtique of Plouedern (Department of Finistère),
he learned to play the tin whistle and the bombarde.
In 1980, he discovers and ‘falls in love' with the diatonic accordion in the region of Rennes,
inspired by Philip Roguez, and then by Patrice Corbel, in Brest.

He improves by learning from  Alain Pennec and Yann Dour, pioneers of the revivalism,
and organizes the accordion competition of the "Kann Al Loar" festival over a number of years.

In 1994, Paul Le GALL creates the association  Diatonik Penn Ar Bed,
and leads the band composed of 40 accordions during the events ‘Brest 96' and ‘Brest 2000'.

Participation, in 2000, to the CD entitled ‘Danses et mélodies du Léon'  > > >

In addition to the lessons I give in the 'Centre Breton', I also give diatonic accordion lessons in l'Atelier Culturel de Landerneau since 1993, and in Landivisiau since the start of the 2012-2013 school year.
In 1997,  I've started a band called Familh Ar Gall, with my wife and our three children. We play in festoù noz (traditional dance gatherings in Brittany) in the Department of Finistère and in Paris region